Roulette is probably the most traditional of all casino games. A casino without roulette is simply unimaginable, whether real or online. Roulette has fewer variants, traditionally three – European, American or French. A European roulette wheel consists of 37 chambers – one with the number zero, and with numbers from 1-36, not ordered in the order, while American roulette still has a “00” chamber, so has 38 chambers. French roulette is European, but offers more betting opportunities.

Most online casinos only offer European and American roulette. If you want to try as many variations as possible, you should visit one of the many Microgaming casinos. The leading software provider offers you the largest collection of roulette games.
Microgaming roulette games can be divided into different categories. First, the software offered European, American and French roulette. Then the Gold series was published, which included European, French and multiwheel roulette. These games offer better graphics, differentiated views and realistic sound effects. The three-dimensional design gives you the feeling of being right at a green table of a traditional casino. The gold series roulette games also feature fantastic features such as autoplay, adjustable layout options and call bets. Multiwheel Roulette Gold is based on French roulette and allows playing at up to eight tables simultaneously.
The state-of-the-art roulette games added last to the Microgaming Roulette collection are the Premier and Multiplayer Roulette Table Diamondsition games. These games were developed in 3D, based on a European version of the game and including video zoom, speed settings, choice of number of players (1-8) and other features.
In multiplayer, you can create a personal avatar and chat with your teammates as the wheel turns.
Microgaming is one of the providers where you can play progressive roulette. Roulette Royale is an exciting game with a progressive jackpot. The jackpot is distributed as soon as the ball lands on the same number five times in a row. The probability of this is rather low, which is why the jackpot is rarely distributed. The biggest jackpot paid out was about a million pounds.
Roulette tables have different betting limits. This fact makes the game interesting for players with a variety of financial resources, whether high rollers or low rollers. These games can be played with bets between 25 cents and 2000 dollars.